About this Blog

marketing transformation blog There are tons of great blogs about specific marketing techniques but they mostly focus on tactics, explaining social, mobile, or other key elements of execution. I’ve seen firsthand, however, that some organizations can’t benefit from this great information because they have bigger problems. They need to transform their marketing at a fundamental level. That’s where I hope this blog come in handy.

Accenture, Deloitte, the agency down the street, the software vendor in Silicon Valley, lots of folks offer services and software to help organizations change their marketing. My personal preference is to be as well informed about the issues of big ticket, big deal items like marketing transformation before I dole out a large chunk of change, especially if its someone else’s wallet I’m using. I know plenty of my peers feel the same way. The trouble is, there are just not enough people or places to go for advice – or just commiseration – about these transformative-level issues without charging you hourly fee or sitting you down on a couch.

Someone at work asked me what I do best, professionally. It was hard to answer that until I thought about my background and realized that I have a lot of experience building marketing organizations and processes from the ground up. It makes sense on one level. When a company needs to overhaul their marketing, they want someone who’s already done it successfully. But each time I had to do that, I had nobody I could run stuff past, to see if I was off my rocker with my ideas.

Luckily, it’s worked out for both me and my employers. However,  I end up repeating a lot of my painful learnings from these experiences to different people at different times. People always seem to ask the same questions or want to validate their experience on the same topics.

Oddly, people also seem to find my personal life somehow entertaining.  In fact, one day, several colleagues – in a whisky bar in Boston, right after banging on the table, chanting like frat boys for me to chug my offending, non-whiskey Lemondrop Martini – convinced me to take their “advice” (read “demands”) to start a blog where I tell my little personal stories on a regular basis.

I’m not into reality shows, though, so I thought if I merged my personal anecdotes and those professional issues people are always asking about, it might actually be helpful while also being entertaining.

Here it is.